Open evening lecture Wednesday 20. March at 1800: "Machinic Protocols" by Edouard Cabay

The work of Edouard Cabay, sitting at the intersection between architecture and art, focuses on the use of novel technologies in creative practices in the realm of space and drawing. 

The research project Machinic Protocols, initiated at IAAC in 2015, leaves aside the ‘hand of the artist’. Here, rather than being animated by the preconceived idea of the outcome of an art work, we work the forces that enable its emergence. We design mecanisms that design. Even though the term machinic may evoke a mechanical act, it is more generic: it refers to an attitude, the one of relying on automatized processes to perform desired tasks. In other words, to delegate to others, may they be human or not.

Edouard Cabay is the director and founder of Appareil, an architecture office in Barcelona. In parallel to practice, he runs several investigation projects at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona based on 3d printing in architecture and architectural design. He also directs the AA Barcelona.  

SOBAS Bar from 17:00 and after the talk