Open diploma examinations 27.-29. June 2015

This year`s diploma exam is coming up, and we have encouraged the diploma candidates to have an open examination. We believe that the learning outcome for prospective diploma students is very high, and it is also very positive for the candidates to present with an audience. Therefore we have the pleasure of inviting interested to attend some selected examinations. Read more to see the open program.

We ask that you are present on the site minimum 10 minutes before the examinations starts, and that you do not interfere or in any way disturb the candidates or the assessors. In between the open examinations, we ask you to be very quiet in order not to disturb the other examinations that are going all over school.

Saturday 27. June
1200-1245 Barbora Perichtova
Project title: "ELSEWHERE IS ALWAYS SOMEWHERE - Interfaces  for (re) hacking waste in Hydra, Greece"
Where: 7. Floor

1400-1445 Håvard Austvoll and Øyvind Tveit
Project title: "Flow - community in the productive landscape of Jæren"
Where: In the hall 


Sunday 28. June
1000-1045  Cihang Wang
Project title: “A Simple Life - A synthetic market on the roof of a parking garage in the city center of Bergen”
Where: 7. Floor

1100-1145 Bjarte B Sandal
Project title: “Dungeons & Democrats - On common grounds in the central administrative quarter of Bergen municipality, Norway.”
Where: 2.floor

1400-145 Erlend Espenæs and Karianne Fonn Jårvik
Project title: “Canary in a coalmine - Channeling the energy of Longyearbyen”
Where: Silo basement


Monday 29. June
1000-1045 Einar Johnsen and Felicia Nino
Project title: “ _this is the stuff the dreams are made of -an experiment on collective living, Stockholm Sweden”
Where:  5.floor

1200-1245 Vigleik Skogerbø
Project title: “A line of houses - contemporary non-commodified domesticity”
Where: In the hall