Open Lecture about the Viennese architect Walter Stelzhammer - by Matej Percic. Wednesday 15. April from 14-16

Matej Percic, architect from Slovenia, has worked in the office of Walter Stelzhammer. The works of Stelzhammer were not published much because his work was never trendy but rather pragmatic. In his life career he developed a very special typology of public housing. It is typology of duplex and triples apartments in many variants, which he called maisonettes. They are mostly mix between a row-house and ''typical'' apartment blocks, and there are many different variations. Welcome!


Walter Stelzhammer was born in 1950. After he finished Technical High School in Krems he enrolled the study of architecture at Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna. He graduated in the class of prof. Ernst Anton Plischke in 1977. During and after the study he collaborated with different Viennese architects; Plischke, Krier and Wawrik. In 1982 he established his own office. In his career he was assistant and lecturer at Technical  and also some other Viennaesse Universities. From 2006 till 2010 he was the leader of Austrian Federal Chamber of Architects and from 2010 till 2014 he was the president of Viennese Chamber of Architects.
In his over 30 years lasting career he built numerous, mostly residential, projects. In many of the cases the task was to develop whole neighborhood and sometimes just a part or one residential block. Many of the projects are also renovations. His architecture is anonymous, pragmatic, lightweight and never trendy. From the first projects till the last completed man can easily find a common thread and  this architecture can never be observed just from the outside because the core reason of its appearance lies in its inner space organisation.

That is why he claims himself a structuralist architect. He continues a direction of architecture that was in Vienna initiated with architect Adolf Loos and his contemporaries. In Stelzhammers architecture we can find elements of Raumplan that are very pragmatic incorporated in public housing.

Walter Stelzhammer