New time for Diploma Exam at BAS

After having evaluated and discussed this for a long time, BAS had made a resolution that we change the length of the diploma semester in the 5th year. The diploma exam will now be arranged 27.-30. June. As a consequense of this, the fall term at BAS will from 2013 start 2 weeks earlier, in Mid August. Read more!

BAS has had a long and extensive evaluation process around the structure of the diploma semester and final exam at BAS. This has involved previous diploma candidates, the candidates for 2013, and the tutors. The way it has been up until now, is that the diploma candidates work over summer, and have their exam in the end of August. 

For the students, it has been very problematic to continue over the summer holiday with their work, and to have the exam in the end of August. ( no support from Lånekassen, no tutors available during July, no holiday, not possible to apply for jobs, expensive visa renewals for foreigners etc.)

The new stucture now means that the 5th year students will start their diploma semester right after Christmas, and  have their final diploma exam before the summer holiday. The diploma exam will take place  27.-30. June.  The candidates will know if they have passed their exam on 30.June, but will have to come back in August to receive their certificate and join a review of the diploma exhibtion. In the week before the Diploma ceremony, the exhibiton will be open for the public.

That also involves another major change in the structure at BAS, valid from the academic year 2013/14 . The Fall term will from 2013  start mid August, more specifically Saturday 17. August.  And the spring term will from 2014 for the 1.-4. year students end around 1. June. (instead of Mid June as it for the present school year).

So for the next school year  we will start 2 weeks earlier than normal, and then be able to end the spring term in the beginning of June, not in the middle like today. This will enable an even smoother time for the diploma 2014. 

For the spring term 2013 we continue until around 12. June. More deails to follow for each year.