International Lunch and Speed-dating at BAS - thank you to all that contributed!

28. October our annual international lunch and speed-dating session took place. An initiative in order to promote the exchange possibilities and to get to know our international students better. Read more!

Thank you to all that contributed in making our international lunch and speed-date about exchange possibilities a great success. It was very inspiring to see our students willingly contribute to our international buffet. 3rd year students made waffels with brown cheese and sourcream, and our incoming and returning exchange students brought dishes from their home countries. A good meal is always a good occasion to mingle and get to know eachother.   

Our 2 and 3. year students were especially invited to come and learn more about the different destinations where they can go for exchange after finishing their 3.year.  Our incoming exchange students and returning exchange students shared willingly their experiences in a speed-dating session. A lot of information was shared in a limited time. 

The hope is that this will encourage many of our students to consider exchange as part of their degree at BAS. At the same time, we value and appreciate the impulses that our incoming exchange students bring with them to BAS. An event like this is a great way for students and staff to engage with, and learn from and about, each other. 

Waffels in the making 

lots of delicious snacks from different countries 

Speed-dating in progress

The Germans from Münster and Bauhaus Weimar 

Finland represented by Tampere and Aalto