INTERNATIONAL DAY - Monday 22. April – all day

- exchange students and regular master students present their former architecture schools. BAS is a very international school, and in order for all of us to learn more about which options there are for exchange studies, and what qualities other schools in the world may have, we are for the first time organizing an INTERNATIONAL DAY. Read more to see the program.

We have quite many exchange and regular students at BAS that have a background from another architecture school in the world. They will give an introduction and a personal description of their previous education.
The intention is to increase cross dialogue, nurture the flow of information and hopefully raise awareness of one’s own position in relationship to architectural education and discourse on a broader level.

Lunch will be organized and sold by the 3rd year.


09:00     Intro
09:30     Victor Magelhaes (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
10:00     Nadav Kochavi (Minnesota, USA)
10:30     Mat Perich  (Ottawam, Canada)
11:00     Dan Dorocic (Montreal, Canada)
11:30     Annie Peljo (Helsinki, Finland)
12:00     LUNCH
13:00     Christian Victor Palmer (London, UK)
13:30     Olivier Bouvais (Paris, France)
14:00     Almudena Ruiz-Gimenez Ubeda + Daniel Martin De Los Rios (Madrid, Spain)
14:30     Shreya Nagrath (Mumbai, India)
15:00     Quentin Colas (Liege, Belgium)