I Am Still Within You - sound and film installation in BAS silo

The installation will take place the weekend from 27.-29. September, in the BAS silo. I Am Still Within You is an exhibition of sound, film and live performance inspired by the idea of a journey, both physical and psychological. Read more!

I Am Still Within You is an exhibition and live performance devised by Eleanor Clare with Kam Wan and Marcus Davidson.

It will be performed by Eleanor Clare, Johanne Birkeland Svendson, Natalie Sandtorv and Karoline Wallace at BAS Old Grain Silo, Sandviksboder 59-91a, 5035 Bergen 

During the performance, singers move through the darkness.  At times they will be lit by the projections, but the emphasis will be on the affect of their voices on the space, and the movement of sound in relation to the projected images.  Nebula Fields, a sound piece by Marcus Davidson, will run durationally before and after the performance, with film by Kam Wan, so the audience can become immersed into this atmosphere. 

Exhibition opening 27th Sept. 18.00-21.00, then  28-29th Sept. 16.00-20.00;  Live performance at 19.00 each day.