Habitation(s) - one day seminar Friday 4th of March

The Dale master course will hold a one day seminar on the topic Habitation(s). Welcome to all interested.

Day seminar at BAS Friday 4th March 2016
During late spring 2016 NKD, The Nordic Art Centre in DALE has invited 8 young
Scandinavian architects for short time architectural residencies, on the theme of
oblique approaches to habitation(s) via proposals for hermitages for DALE.

In connection with the international master course at BAS for the spring semester
2016 dealing with the village of DALE, a one-day seminar on the theme of
HABITATION will present the various views and architectural outsets of 4 of the invited
young architects.

Professor at BAS Thomas Wiesner is curator for the NKD Virtual Hermit Inserts /
Unfolds 2016 architectural residencies and is tutor for the DALE re-mote places
international master course.

10:00 Cecilie Anderson: Welcome
10:10 Thomas Wiesner: Introduction to the residencies project and the participants
10:40 Ana Andrea Vik : Transformation of existing architecture
11:10 Kim Lenschow Andersen: The Orangery project /+
11:45 Lunch break
13:00 Mattias F Joseffson: Architetural implants in remote areas
13:30 Karoline Kalstveit : Liminality in Lofoten
14:00 Visit to DALE master course studio, informal ad-hoc student presentations
15:00 Conclusion of seminar

For more information contact
Thomas Wiesner
Professor BAS
+45 26 21 27 35