Final review Master courses spring 2017 - Friday 26. May from 0930-1415

Come by and see the result of the research and design work the students on our two master courses have done in the spring term 2017. Presentation by the students in large auditorium and studio spaces. Open for all interested. See program.

Friday 26. May


0930-1130  SENTRALBADET 

1130-1215  Lunch


From the course programs: 

Layered Landscapes Lofoten:
"Lofoten is the history of extremes; extreme nature, extreme weather conditions, extreme natural resources and extreme survival. The archipelago of Lofoten floats in a timeless mythical narration of battling between man and nature rooted in the origin of human presence in these territories. The fact that Lofoten for centuries has hosted the world’s most precious fisheries of codfish, and now the sea bank assumed to hide a prosperous amount of oil and gas, signify a latent and incommensurable conflict that can irreversibly change the landscape, and its conditions. The people living in these territories, connected to the landscape and the resources for innumerable years are now facing not only external threats from global economies and climate changes, but also internal, national political decisions and structural changes in the fisheries which menace to deprive the resources from the local communities. In this context the municipality of Flakstad has started a
ground breaking process of re-defining the position of three old fishing settlements (Ramberg, Napp, Fredvang) - still fighting for the right to exploit the surrounding renewable recourses - but also taking advantage of a year by year growing influx of tourists. The intention is a renewed development towards a more holistic and sustainable future that is susceptible to the inevitable changes, but at thesame time it is crucial to try to be in control of the changes' impacts on the landscape and the societies."

Transformation of the former indoor swimming pool into Bergen’s house for the performing arts
"The Bergen school of Architecture will run a master course in the spring semester 2017 about the transformation of Sentralbadet into a cultural hub. The course will discuss the dual relation that a theatre space entertains with its content (contemporary performance) and its context (the urban fabric and the cultural ambition of Bergen). The course will start in January with a performance of the students presented at BITTeatergarasjen about an abstract idea of “house” and will run until May 30th with the production of about ten projects finalized in the form of large models. A public exhibition and discussion of the projects will be organized for the first week of June.