Final review Master courses spring 2016 - Friday 27. May from 0930-1415

Come by and see the result of the research and design work the students on our two master courses have done in the spring term 2016. Presentation by the students in large auditorium and studio spaces. Open for all interested. See program.


Friday 27. May


0930-1130  DALE // Noreg remote place(s)

1130-1215  Lunch

1215-1415  HETEROTOPIA 

From the course programs: 

With the rapidly continuation of the planning / development of densification(s) of the main, larger Norwegian
urban locations, many re-mote places in Norway are subject to depletions. The reduction of population and
broader living conditions is palpable in a rising number of smaller Norwegian agglomerations.
The topic of the proposed master course will focus on oblique understanding(s) of this societal change all the
while enabling a production(s) of deliberately thought-provoking architectural actions and projects, pointing
towards more inclusive, anthropological, ecological/recyclable architectures, attempting to unfold various reattachments
of architecture and life at large to their artistic mytho-poetic essences in a specific Norwegian location. 
The proposed context for the master course is the village Dale i Sunnfjord in Fjaler municipality, on the West
Coast of Norway.

As a matter of growing urbanization and issues like migration and gentrification, housing has
entered the focus of the urban and architectural discussion again. This raises not only
economic questions, but asks for new approaches and different concepts of living.
Our topic within these issues is the situation of refugees as one of the major global social
challenges today and the transit infrastructure in Norway which is situated in Oslo.
The studio explores the conditions for minimal and temporary living beyond functional and
technical issues and limitations. It looks at dwelling as a psychological desire and a social
practice, and uses this concept to trigger a design process addressing basic needs that go
beyond the notion of shelter.