Events that are open for all! See the program for November and December.

To entice and befuddle our brains the spring semester will be full of fun and exciting series of evenst held at the BAS library, organized by the library student group. However, the spring is far away and we wanted to give everyone a taste of the what the future looks like. Every thursday leading up the the finale of the semester there will be an event in the library!


Thursday 23. NOV. 17.00
Movie screening: The life of small urban spaces, William H Whyte

-This one hour classic is a highly amusing and informing exploration of how people behave in public areas, and how physical attributes of they built environment affects the social life. Join us for movie, snack and an informal discussion afterwards!


Thursday 30. NOV. 
NO TIME TO READ book club. Kick off; Delirious New York!
Next semester we will host a regular low threshold reading club at the BAS library. We know that nobody has time to read books anymore! Yet we need to be exposed to ideas and theory also outside of the classroom. The concept of the NO TIME TO READ reading club is therefore to read important architectural theory through the experience of others. To attend you are not expected to have read everything. The idea is that you read as much as you would like, bits and pieces, or the whole book, all that is required is that you show up with something you would like to share or discuss. Through each other’s questions and experiences we collectively gain a strong impression of a new work each time we meet!

We will start by looking at REM Koolhaas’ delirious new york, more info coming soon!


Thursday 6. DEC.
MASCULINITY in Architecture

A seemingly never-ending flow of stories of systematic sexual harassment in the workplace everywhere from the US to Norway has dominated the media this fall. It makes it evident that we as a society still has work to do on examining masculine identity. 
This thursday we will host a small interactive and fun workshop to brainstorm concepts for a more coherent set of workshops to happen in the spring. Feedback and ideas welcome. More info soon!


Thursday 14. DEC. 

Let’s admit it. In the week leading up to finals, nobody will have brain capacity for anything else but drawing and gluing pieces of cardboard together. Students at BAS will help refresh your minds by playing live music somewhere in the building!