Exhibition at USF-visningsrommet Friday.

BAS teacher Cristian Stefanescu has been involved, together with the Thai-Belgian artist Apichaya Wanthiang in the co-development of a nocturnal art installation opening this Friday at Gallery USF at 23:00 - 2:00. It will stay up until April 13.

During a nocturnal exhibition, the visitor is guided through, and immersed in a narrative landscape, where isolated individuals relate to each other in a newly established continuum. Geometrical shapes seem to envelop the viewer completely as they move around in a structure reminiscent of so-called rest houses that are frequently found in the landscape of a Thai rice field. The installation creates a meeting place between the community of spectators and the artist’s native community in Thailand, whose day-to-day life and activities are registered in a series of contemplative and still images. Complemented by live-stream footage of the village’s landscapes gradually awakening under the rising sun, the installation allows for a presentification of those rhythms, stories, customs and myths that govern this rural community. In these small and concrete encounters, new worlds unfold, worlds where we exist only in relation to others, where the personal opens a space for thought and experience, and where we find the promise of new communities, collectively imagined and temporarily fulfilled.

You can read more about it on the Gallery USF site here.