Do you want to study at BAS?

Do you have a bachelor degree in architecture from another school? Then you may apply for admission to the 4th year at BAS. Application deadline is 15. April. Read more.

ADMISSION to Master in Architecture, external applicants to the 4th year

The study at BAS has duration of 5 years, divided into two parts; 3 years in first part and 2 years in second part.
The first part is concluded with an examination. Passing this exam gives the right to continue to the second part. The main exam/Diploma is included in the last term in the 5th year, and counts 5 months.
Passing the Diploma gives the right to the academic title Master in Architecture. Please note that we offer a professional degree, we do not issue Bachelor degrees after 3 years. But completed studies give you a Master in Architecture.

For applicants with a minimum Bachelor degree in Architecture from another architectural school, it is possible to apply for admission to the 4th year.
NB! Please note that is architectural training only that is qualifying for applying at BAS.
The 4. and 5. year at BAS is always taught in English.

We must have the application in our hands by 15. April, so make sure you send it off early enough. Applications that arrive after this date will not be considered.

You must download and fill out the application form, send us authorized copies of you transcript/records, documentation of English skills if required, plus very important, to send us a portfolio of your architectural/artistic work.

NB Important: This could be printed portfolio, or alternatively sent digitally. See application form for further information.

We also ask for confirmation of your knowledge of English.
The application, documentation and portfolio must be sent to

Bergen Arkitekthøgskole
Pb. 39
NO  - 5841 Bergen  

An admission committee will evaluate all the applicants, we accept maximum 8 students to 4th year admission. Some years the number of students accepted may be lower due to limited capacity in the school building.

For students who are admitted, they will follow the regular study program for two years, and complete it with a diploma exam.  The last two years at BAS is referred to as 2. part studies.


2. part studies
Our two last years will consist of the following:

3 semester courses
Plus 1 semester diploma thesis, concluded with an exam for external assessors.

Each semester will be 30 ECTS, which will give you a total of 120 ECTS when completing your diploma exam. You will then be given a diploma from BAS which gives you the title Master in Architecture. Please note that this is a regular Master, not PhD.

Exchange study: This is not possible for external applicants. It is required that you take 3 semester courses at BAS before your final thesis / diploma semester.

We have semester courses in the following categories:
• Restructuring of urban settlement
• Restructuring of rural settlement
• Complex building
• Architect in another culture
• Construction where architectonical projecting/design is the foundation
• Others

The regulations at BAS are as follows:
We assume that you have a minimum of Bachelor level before applying at BAS.

You must pass 3 semester courses before you start on your diploma semester.
You will have 3 attempts only to take your diploma exam.

BAS does not have other grades than PASS / FAIL.  If you fail one semester course, you must take a complete new course the next semester. .

Please note that it is a full time study, and you will pay regular tuition fee  per semester,  at the time NOK 15.000,-, plus a fee to the Students Welfare Organisation in Bergen of NOK 470,-, plus a smaller copyright fee. Tuition fee paid in due time is requirement in order to continue to the next semester. BAS does not have any scholarships available. (the only exception is for candidates admitted under the Quota program, from certain countries from partner institutions of BAS)

You must take full responsibility of your own situation, both practically, financially and of your own study situation. BAS will offer the same condition for the architectural training as for the other regular students at BAS, and with the same level of demands and requirements as for all other students.

The school year: The exact dates will be confirmed if you are admitted to BAS:
The autumn semester will always Mid August, last day before Christmas is always  around December 20th.
We start again around 4th of January. The spring term is concluded during the first week of June.
Your last diploma semester is concluded with an examination 27.-30. June. 

Governmental / formal regulations
In case you are admitted to BAS, please note the following:

Important – you must apply for a residence permit for students in order to study in Norway.
This must in most cases be done from your country of origin.
As soon as you are accepted at BAS,  we will send you a letter of admission.

It is also required that you have documentation of housing once you apply for residence permit. BAS is not able to provide accommodation for you, but we may assist you in reserving student housing through the Students Welfare Organization in Bergen. (SiB)  More information about this will follow if you are admitted to BAS.
Please note that it is your own responsibility to find accommodation.

In addition you must provide Documentation of subsistence
You must be ensured subsistence for the period to which the application relates. You must have financial means equivalent to full funding by the State Educational Loan Fund at the current rate. For the academic year 2012-13 this amounts to NOK 92.500,-. If you must pay tuition fees, this amount will be in addition to the above-mentioned subsistence requirement. (NOK 30.000,- for one year)  (If your only way is to deposit the amount in a Norwegian bank account, BAS will have an bank account for this purpose).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

Here you can download an information folder about BAS. 

Yours Sincerely,
Bergen School of Architecture

Siv Gjerde Aardal
Head of Student Affairs
International Coordinator