Diploma Exhibition 2014 and Arkitekturdagen in Bergen

From 10.-12. September the diploma exhibition will be a part of the Arkitekturdagene in Bergen. On Wednesday 10. September from 2000-2300 the exhibition is open, and there will be guided tours between 21-22. The exhibiton is also open Thursday and Friday between 11-17. Thursday from 10-17 the whole program from Arkitekturdagen at Verftet will be streamed in the large auditorium at BAS, open for all BAS-students. BAS is also organizing at boattrip on Friday afternoon. Read more!

If you want to sign up for the boattrip to the area around Askøy/Sotra on the 12. September from 1300-1700, contact the school. This boattrip will be guided by the responsible teachers on one of our master courses this semester, which deals with the devlopment of this area. 

The address of the school is: 
Sandviksboder 59-61A
Phone: +47 55363880 
E-mail: adm@bas.org 

For more information on Arkitekturdagen i Bergen, read here. 

Bergen Kino is also showing the movie CATHEDRALS OF CULTURE as part of the Arkitekturdagen.  Have a look at You tube  for an glimpse of the movie, which is a must for all interested in architecture, culture, music, opera, ballett and people. The movie starts at 1800, it lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes. Tickets for sale at Bergen Kino