Diploma Ceremony 2017

On Saturday 19. August BAS celebrated our 30 new Masters of Architecture. The recently graduated candidates received their diploma certificate and were congratulated in front of family, friends, teachers and students at BAS. We wish them all the best for the future!

The following candidates have graduated as Master in Architecture:

Yonghyun Ahn
Sondre Bakken and Christopher Byrne  (joint project)
James Barber
Shepol Barzan 
Atdhè Belègu  
Audun Hammersland and Sebastian Uthaug (joint project)
Matyáš Cigler
Lena Grønnestad Falch
Christine Hallanger
David Harris
Roy Husevåg
Tale Kun Ingvaldsen
Jor Jacobsen  
Per Jansson
Vilde Kjærsdalen and Benjamin Velure (joint project)
Jan Tore Kristoffersen 
Ling Lee
Susanna Lindvall
Andreas Melve 
Thomas Nesheim
Marielle Nordnes
Vågard Nyaas
Erling Pedersen 
Miriam Sharp Pierson 
Bjarte B. Sandal 
Ida Helen Skogstad
Maria Luise Storch  

5 of the projects were awarded with a Distincition from the assessors.This is an award for outstanding quality on the following projects:
Atdhè Belègu
Matyáš Cigler
Vilde Kjærsdalen and Benjamin Velure (joint project)
Susanna Lindvall
Vågard Nyaas

The projects will shortly be published under the PROJECTS secion on this webpage. 
The Diploma Exhibition will be open to the public 20.-27. August. Opening hours:Monday-Friday 14.00-20.00 / Saturday-Sunday12.00-15.00. Open to all and free entrance!