Diploma Ceremony 2016

On Saturday 13. August BAS celebrated our 19 new Masters of Architecture. The recently graduated candidates received their diploma certificate and were congratulated in front of family, friends, teachers and students at BAS. We wish them all the best for the future!

The following candidates have graduated as Master in Architecture:

Siri Borten 
Elora Brahmachari 
Jessica Chang/ Matilda Wallsten (Joint project)
Inga Hegdahl Eggen 
Martin Hauge
Goda Luksaite 
Jiancong Luo/ Wei-Hsiang Tseng (joint project)
Guro Nå/Hallgerður Kata Óðinsdóttir (joint project)
Luca Negrini 
Marte N. Skjæggestad
Yulia Sheshegova Somby
Karl Emil Sødergren
Winnie Westerlund
Xiaoyu Xu
Meng Nan Zhang 
Mats B. Østang 

4 of the projects were awarded with a Distincition from the assessors.This is an award for outstanding qualityon the following projects:
Jessica Chang/ Matilda Wallsten (joint project)
Goda Luksaite
Marte N. Skjæggestad
Karl Emil Sødergren

The projects will shortly be published under the PROJECTS secion on this webpage. 
The Diploma Exhibition will be open to the public 14.-21. August. Opening hours:Monday-Friday 14.00-20.00 / Saturday-Sunday12.00-18.00. Open to all and free entrance! 

This years Diploma Exam at BAS took place from 27.-30. June 2016, and a total of 19 candidates passed their final exam at BAS.

We have had two assessor teams that have evaluated the candidates in their exhibition. 

The assessor teams have consisted of: 

Fredrik Barth (Norwegian architect), Anders Johansson (architect from Sweden), Tom Chamberlain (artist from the UK)

Alec Ross Andreassen (Norwegian architect), Veronika Valk (architect from Estonia), Bernice Donszelmann (artist from the UK)