Dale Virtual Hermits - exhibition opening 6. January 2017

Architects educated from BAS are exhibiting in Gallery ROM in Oslo. Curated by Professor Thomas Wiesner, BAS. Read more!

DALE Virtual Hermits
06.01 - 22.01 2017

The "DALE Virtual Hermits" exhibition at Gallery ROM presents architectural proposals of "hermitage inserts" for the town of Dale in Sunnfjod.
The works are produced by 4 teams young scandinavian architects, during intensive short residencies at NKD, the Nordic Arts Centre in Dale during spring 2016.

The subtle and thought-provoking works, consisting mainly of large scale architectural models, introduce different ways of habitable space inserts / hermitages for the town of Dale. The proposals playfully introduce possibilities of novel interactions with guest hermits and the towns inhabitants, reflecting on broader habitation and existence issues through the specific inserts.

The 4 teams of invited architects exhibitors are: Sindre Wam and Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal (N), Mattias Josefsson and Silje Nesdal (S,N), Karoline Kalstveit  and Hanne Finseth (N), and Kim Lenschow and Soren Pihlman (DK,N).

The architectural residencies project was curated by professor Thomas Wiesner (BAS) with the benevolent supervision of director Arild H Eriksen of NKD.

Opens Fridag January 6th 2017 at 18:00! Welcome!

Maridalsveien 3
0178 Oslo