Chance to participate in multidisciplinary art project during 2013 Bergen music festival (FiB)

Participants from multiple disciplines, (art, architecture, science, etc) interested in taking part in a multidisciplinary festival art project in Bergen during the first half of 2013 are encouraged to apply. The deadline for applications is Dec 17. Having command of the Norwegian language is not a requirement for participation.

Invitation (English version):

WATER is the theme of this years (2013) music festival ´Festspillene i Bergen`. People from all over the world come to Bergen in May to attend the festival. The HUB is asked to take the lead on a multidisciplinary project, facilitating and leading a group of students (in example one architect, one computer programmer, one designer/artist, one engineer etc) towards an art installation on the theme WATER as a cross section between science, art and technology.

The result of the group's work will be displayed in the shopping mall ´Galleriet`in May. The deadline to apply for attendance is December 17th. There will be an admission worskhop January 10th, where a group of 5 students from different educations will be selected as the lucky ones. This is a great opportunity for portfolio building in a public showroom.

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Vannprosjekt 2013 - Artikler Og Nyheter - FiB Er du en person med mange ideer og mye kreativitet? Liker du å være pådriver for prosjekter? Eller ønsker du å lære mer om det å arbeide frem kreative prosjekter i tverrfaglige grupper?