Bergen Assembly at BAS - Lynda Benglis "GLACIER BURGER" opening of exhibition 9 April from 1930-2100


Exhibition | Bergen School of Architecture
9 April–1 May 2016
Opening: Sat 9 April 2016, 7:30pm 
Concert and party: 9pm – Multi Tati, followed by DJ Espen Iden

ExhibtionHours: Thurs–Sun, 1–6pm

Conference | Bergen School of Architecture
Hours: Sat 30 April 2016, 1–5pm
(Detailed program tba in April)

The eight-story tall former grain silo, now housing the Bergen School of Architecture, frames an exhibition of ceramic works by Lynda Benglis. Consisting of sculptures from the early 1990s through to today, Glacier Burger probes Benglis’s unique method of collapsing, bending, and beating machine-shaped rectangular pieces of clay into energetic forms, resonating with her previous engagement with folds and knots.

The exhibition at the Bergen School of Architecture concludes with a one-day conference titled Slithering Green, loosely inspired by Benglis’s ceramic oeuvre and other vibrant materials. Slithering Green is organized in collaboration with Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Timed to coincide with the conference, Bergen Assembly opens Double Albatross at KunstgarasjenThis exhibition debuts a new series of paper sculptures, fresh from Lynda Benglis’s studio in Santa Fe. Created with handmade paper and wire, the painted, glittering pieces draw on several topics of investigation conducted by the artist over the last fifty years: shapes drawn from clay; the shimmering, bright materials of her Louisiana upbringing and Mardi Gras memories (recalling her 1970s series of Sparkle Knots); an unapologetic use of knick-knacks (as seen in her work produced in India); and the synthetic painterly experiments of her early pours.