BAS student project "Wool-wall" exhibited at the Oslo Architecture Triennale

The wall was part of the Climatic Chamber project made by Vilde Kjærsdalen, Julian Karlsen, Benjamin Alstrup Velure and Jor Jacobsen during their 2.year at BAS. Right now it is exhibited in Oslo, and will remain there until 1. December. The insulation of the walls and roof of this climatic chamber was projected with an ‘inner skin’ of soft wool, made with a technique from the 17th century: weaving by using a loom which in Norway is called ‘Oppstadveven’. The students built an untraditional oppstadvev (loom) so that they could weave wool. In this way, they managed to make an insulation wall perfectly shaped to fit the pointy walls in their compact living chamber. For more pictures, have a look under the Project section at this webpage.