BAS scores well on mobility!

During an Erasmus conference before Christmas, statistics for number of students that go on exchange or work as interns was presented. The statistics compared the figures from all institutions of higher education in Norway. BAS scores amazingly well when they present the statistics according to the size of the school. Read more!

BAS is a small school, but seen in relation to our total number of students,  we are in the top leauge. In 2011/12 we had outgoing student mobility of almost 11%,  number two on the list was KhiB with 5%, then NHH with 4%, and AHO wilth 3,5%. 

Also, when it comes to doing internship, BAS is setting an example for other schools.  BAS has a score of 5,5% of our student body that undertakes a period of internship.  The next school on the list has approx. 1,8 %.
We are very happy about these figures, and think this is an incredible good opportunity for our students to gain work experience. Many of our students take the opportunity to have a breake from the studies at BAS, and work in an architectural office in EU  for a period between 3-10 months. You will be given a scholarship of approx.300 Euro per month for this period.  Read more about internship here

About general information on exchange possibilities, have a look here.

The Erasmus program is part of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme, which is designed to promote mobility, international understanding and cooperation in education. Erasmus is for higher education.