BAS is presented at event in Finland "Arcitecture Scool 2050"

BAS architect Miia-Liina Tommila will on 11. November talk about "pedagogy in Bergen Arkitekthøgskole" during a workshop in Helsinki. Learn more!

Come and find out where the world is going - and architecture education with it!
What kind of architects we would like to work with in the future?

Architecture school 2050 is an event aimed at everyone intrested in developing architecture education: students as well as graduated architects! We hope to gather participants from departments of architecture, from companies big and small, from the public sector, from autonomous working spaces and from NGOs.

During the afternoon we discuss the future of architecture education on the long term. The world is changing, technology is advancing at speed and universities are being transformed as we speak. How will architects keep up with this progress - at the front lines? How will the professionals of future planning be educated in the future?


Anni Vartola: The role of research in the field of architecture 

Niina Jurva: The future of higher education 

Miia-Liina Tommila: Pedagogy in Bergen Arkitekthøgskole 

Mikael Långström: Future of building industry

It is important to us that the participants of the event participate, discuss and come up with their ideas. For this reason we have put together workshops where the most tricky questions of architecture education are discussed.

The event is organised by the student section of the Finnish Association of Architects (Opiskelija-SAFA) and the workshops are facilitated by UusiKaupunki collective.

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Opiskelija-SAFA is the new subsection of the Finnish Association of Architects and it is open for all architecture students in Finland.

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