BAS congratulates 33 new Masters in Architecture

This years Diploma Exam at BAS took place from 27.-30. June. Two external assessor teams have evaluated the projects, and their conclusion is that 33 candidates have successfully passed their final exam. BAS congratulates our 33 new Masters in Architecture!

We have had two assessor teams that have evaluated the candidates in their exhibition. 

The assessor teams have consisted of: 
Anders Melsom (Norwegian architect), Ian MacBurnie (architect from Canada), Vigdis Fjellheim (artist from Norway), Eva Korsøen (landscape architect from Norway)

Bjørn Otto Braaten (Norwegian architect), Anne Mette Boye (architect from Denmark), Tom Chamberlain (artist from the UK)

The following candidates have graduated as Master in Architecture: 
Line Marie Aakerøy
Kristina Nordheim Alme
Tord Magne Brudvik / Remi Iversen (joint project)
Dan Pollak Dorocic
Tone Dybing
Carl Thomas Egenæs
Anders Sletten Eide / Mattias Josefsson (joint project)
Lise Helen Fadnes
Jan Tore Finnema
Julia Lacombe Junqueira Franco
Fredrikke Lundgaard Frølich
Pia Grung / Mateusz Peric (joint project)
Alexander Helle
Katrine Wang Høiem
Ann-Sofie A. Indgul / Aina Telhaug (joint project)
Kim D. Kendel 
Simeon Kirkegaard
Nadav Kochavi / Almudena Ruiz-Gimenez Ubeda (joint project)
Robert Moe
Joakim Kyrre Myklebust
Shreya Nagrath
Alaleh Navaei 
Mathilde Skarsgaard Rønning
Jostein Sirisai Skaale
Linn-Heidi Skarpaas
Viktor Svantesson
Terese Tveterås
Silje Øgård 

There will be a review in plenary of the whole exhibition on Saturday 16. August from 14-16 in the afternoon. A detailed program for this will be published in the beginning of August. The same evening, there will be the formal diploma ceremony and party, and the candidates will receive their diploma certificate. 

BAS congratulates our 33 new Masters in Architecture!