BAS congratulates 29 new Masters in Architecture

This year’s Diploma Exam at BAS took place from 27.-30. June 2018. Two external assessor teams have evaluated the projects, and their conclusion is that 29 candidates have successfully passed their final exam. BAS congratulates our 29 new Masters in Architecture!

We have had two assessor teams that have evaluated the candidates in their exhibition. 

The assessor teams have consisted of: 
Cathrine Vigander (Norwegian architect), Emma Nilsson (architect from Sweden), Bernice Donszelmann (artist from the UK)

Silje Klepsvik (Norwegian architect), Anne Mette Boye (architect from Denmark), Ian Kiaer (artist from the UK)

The following candidates have graduated as Master in Architecture:

Alveberg, Niklas Sebastian

Bøysen, Kristian Vasquez

Bull, Eva

Cijunelyte, Auste

Ervik, Aksel Stave

Grindborg, Julie

Guan, Alice

Hafnor, Kjell Sæland

Håheim, Thea Marie and Heggland, Marit (joint project)

Haoyang, Wang

Härle, Florian

Holst, Preben Christian

Jaeger, Karla Lesley Kjellsdotter

Johansen, Livie Avo

Kolby, Karoline Nordstad

Kristiansen, Øyvind Brobakke

Kristoffersen, Stine Elise

Mañas Álvarez, Jorge

Mørch, Pernille Kleppan

Nautvik, Rune André

Nordeide, Siri and Ellefsen, Andrea (Joint project)

Rashid, Kazhben

Roman, Carmen Isabel Olsen

Skåden, Turid

Storemyr, Victoria Helene

Sundal, Alvilde Fjell

Urtegård, Sondre Nordhagen

There will be a review in plenary of the whole exhibition on Saturday 18.August from 14-16 in the afternoon. A detailed program for this will be published in the beginning of August. The same evening, there will be the formal diploma ceremony and party, and the candidates will receive their diploma certificate. 

BAS congratulates our 29 new Masters in Architecture! 

Our excellent assessors: Ian, Anne Mette, Bernice, Emma, Silje. (Cathrine not present)

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