BAS congratulates 18 new Masters in Architecture

The diploma exam at BAS has been going on for 4 days, from 27.-30. June, and today 18 happy candidates received a proof that they have graduated successfully as Masters in Architecture.

We have had two assessor teams that have evaluated the candidates in their exhibition. 

The assessor teams have consisted of: 
Henning Kaland (Norwegian architect), Belinda Tato (architect from Spain), Tom Chamberlain (artist from the UK)

Gudrun Molden (Norwegian architect), Olaf Gipser (architect from the Netherlands), Rori Knudtson (artist from the U.S)

The following candidates have graduated as Master in Architecture today: 
Aniksdal, Anna Andrea Vik
Arinbjarnardòttir,  Gudrun
Bjørlykke, Jørund /Horneland, Nils Eivind (joint project)
Bruvik, Marte Skolseg /Owesen, Fredrik W.(joint project)
Finseth, Hanne Kristine
Fretheim, Per
Gundersen, Bård
Jansen, Martin Isak
Kadyrov, Kirill
Kopperdal, Linn
Olsen, Kitty Colbjørnsen
Ribe, Henning Wenaas
Sandnes, Jenni
Strønstad, Erlend Aalmo/ Wam, Sindre (joint project)
Tveito, Håvard

There will be a review in plenary of the whole exhibition on Saturday 17. August in the afternoon. A detailed program for this will be published in the beginning of August. The same evening, there will be the formal diploma ceremony and party, and the candidates will receive their diploma certificate. 

BAS congratulates our 18 new Masters in Architecture!