3rd year studytrip in Prague

The 3rd year students have recently spent 2 weeks in Prague. For the first week, they collaborated with Architectural Institute in Prague, a partner school of BAS. They were "Exploring urban typologies of Prague from centre to edges". The second week was lead by Prof. Thomas Wiesner with the topic "Urban Form, IN_SITU Intuitive Analytical Sketching course."



Exploring urban typologies of Prague from centre to the edges

Pavel Nasadil Studio (ARCHIP) proposes a fast yet intense exercise in observation of Prague´s contemporary urbanity as seen by the unhampered views of BAS students. Students will be introduced to the wider Prague area and will have an opportunity to explore and share information about the context of the city, demonstrated by a variation of urban situations.

U invalidovna 136, Praha 8 –

Disused hospital and national monument

Students: Åsmund Knapstad Hårklau.Karoline Haukjem

This week, 3.rd year students from BAS studied a selected historical building in Prague. We have analyzed the urban context and how the examined building, Invalidovna, have affected the shaping of it’s surrounding.



Invalidovna seen from outside its fence

The corridor.


Collage of historically intended size of Invalidovna complex.


[all pictures by students]


3 students participated on a miniworkshop held by Pavel Nasadil did in  “Street photography” 

Jostein Gundersen 

Håvard Fadnes 

Success Okeke 



Urban Form, 

IN_SITU Intuitive Analytical Sketching course

with Thomas Wiesner APP/DAV 

All images by the students. 


Drawing exercise at the Charles bridge

First days common review of sketchbooks 

Analytical sketch, Charles Bridge