25.oktober: BREATHING TOGETHER: Air Urbanism and Air Space. Gratis, åpent arrangement for alle interesserte. I regi av BAS og Bergen kommune.

Fredag 25. oktober, Auditoriet på Litteraturhuset, Østre Skostredet 5-7. The primary focus of this conference is Air Urbanism, a novel area of architectural research that examines the relationship between air, architecture and urban space. The event will bring together an international group of architects, theorists and artists to analyze and discuss air as an essential architectural and urban feature from the post war period to the contemporary moment.

Air Urbanism responds to recent architectural, urban and ecological debates that position architecture’s political and ethical status in relation to particulate emissions, air quality, carbon footprints and clean air initiatives. While not attempting to evade this determination, Air Urbanism seeks to formulate a more expansive engagement with air to read it across a range of definitions, histories and conditions and to understand it as a material that negotiates between the conventionally opposed realms of science and culture. Configured as a natural, cultural and discursive object, air appears also as a site of spatial demarcations, legislation, aesthetics, and as a recurring architectural and urban fixation that carries significance beyond the more familiar parameters of sustainability, environmental degradation and climate change.

Arrangert av Bergen Arkitekthøgskole i samarbeid med Klimaseksjonen ved Bergen kommune.

PROGRAM: 25. October 2013
BREATHING TOGETHER: Air Urbanism and Air Space

10:30     Welcome            Cecilie Andersson BAS/Klimasjef Eva Britt Isager.
Introduction      Marcos Sanchez; initiator and air-urbanism researcher
10:50     Session 1             Air Politics and Air Power; Endre Tvinnereim; air politician, guest TBC
12:10                                    Lunch Break
13:00   Session 2               IHA Air Projects, Marcos Sanchez; air-urbanism researcher
Visuality and Documentation, Andreas Dalsgaard; film director
14:20                                    Break
14:30   Session 3               BAS Studio, Marcos Sanchez and Deane Simpson; urban researcher
Joint panel discussion with all guests
15:50                                    Closing