2 open lectures - two extended tales of horizon(s) - 21. and 22. March

Bjorn A. Jorgensen - two extended tales of horizon condition(s). Thursday 21.03 at 09:30 small AUD and Friday 22.03 at 09:30 small AUD. Bjørn A. Jørgensen, architect maa, (b. 1977) has travelled extensively to study, uncover and communicate subtle architectural conditions in both antique and modern architecture. His two lectures at BAS will unfold a) photographic material including large scale works by Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn and b) stunning, rare architectural insight into early church and cloister architecture in Armenia and Nagorno-karabach and talk about his recent book. > www.bajarch.dk Both lectures in connection with Bjaanes Natureculturepark master course 2013