"LOOK OUT FOR BULANDET" Exhibition Opening and Lunch Lecture at BAS 19th of March 2015

In June 2014 - Students of the Architecture Department at TU Braunschweig Germany started off for an excursion to design a "Look Out for Bulandet". The task was to invent and create constructs that interact with the given landscape and create a destination that expresses new concepts of experiencing nature and wildlife on Bulandet. The lecture will open the exhibition and give an inside on the works and design methods behind the projects. At 1200 in the large auditorium BAS.

The design course is a cooperation between:

Bergen School of Architecture - represented by Prof. Arild Wåge & Prof. Sigurdur Gunnarsson

TU Braunschweig Germany - represented by ITE Institute for Structural Design - Prof. Harald Kloft & Jörg Petri

ILA Institute for Landscape Architecture - Prof. Gabriele G. Kiefer & Henri Greil. 


After 24th of March the exhibition will travel on to Bulandet to promote the developed ideas to the inhabitants and municipality of Bulandet.

Special thanks go out to Hilde Buer and Anders Braanaas - who are our representatives on Bulandet.