"Critical Reflections on Sustainability" - open lecture by Maarten Gielen, Wednesday 26. March at 1415

The term ''sustainable development', despite its omnipresence today, is a relatively young notion. First properly defined at the beginning of the eighties, it made possible for 'environmentalism' to leave behind its counter-cultural roots and infiltrate main stream discourses. On the basis of the exhibition 'Behind the Green Door', curated by Rotor for the occasion of the 2014 Oslo Architecture Triennale, Maarten Gielen will present a series of observations on how 'sustainability' as a concept operates in contemporary (european) society. Read more about Rotor.

Rotor is a collective of people with a common interest in the material flows in industry and construction. On a practical level, Rotor handles the conception and realization of design and architectural projects. On a theoretical level, Rotor develops critical positions on design, material resources, and waste through research, exhibitions, writings and conferences. Maarten Gielen is a founding member of Rotor, where he currently works as designer, manager and researcher.