Sentralbadet - spring 2017


A process to transform Bergen's Sentralbadet into a cultural hub by the end of 2019 is currently underway. The former swimming house will serve as the permanent home of BIT Teatergarsjen, Carte Blanche as well as satellite spaces for Den Nationale Scene, likely with additional public andcommercial programs such as offices and hotel.

The master course will operate alongside and enter in dialogue with this live project of a high complexity during the pre-planning stages and leading into a public architectural competition. Thereis established dialogue and engagement with BIT and CB, who are in a position to offer access and insight to the ongoing process including materials, resources and persons of educational and monetary value. (see course structure)

The course aims to expose and engage students to the processes of a complex commission that exemplifies the impact of architectural decisions on the cultural life of the city. The work will seek to understand and build upon the existing project brif including decisions of site, program, budget and clients/actors. The process will juggle the cultural specificities of the clients, the urban and social specificities of the area and social specificties of the owners, users and operators into architectural/spatial proposals.

It will look to establish mechanisms, strategies and scenarios to extend the relations between the public and the private spheres, stimulate contact and possibly create friction, all while participating in the urban and social dynamics of this process.

The working method will be anchored on two primary aspects: 1) an understanding of the program based on an insider experience and study of it. The students will engage in different ways with the life of a theatre in order to have an articulate vision of what is at stake in the design of a theatre, 2) translation of this understanding into physical form via large scale models (1:33), meant to serve as modes of architectural exploration as well as a tools for public engagement and discussion, culminating in a post-course exhibition and public roundtable discussion in Sentralbadet.

Throughout the course emphasis will be placed on understanding, questioning and responding to the following project dimensions: the a) the role of cultural actors in the evolution and urban ecology of a city, b) the forms of contemporary performing arts and performing spaces, c) strategies for civic-ness and urban dialogue by facilitating public discussion together with the project actors, d) an architectural dialectic of maximum affect by minimum means e) issues of heritage preservation and the integration of new and old, e) exposure and participation in the development process of a highly complex and highly public architectural project which includes feasability studies, urban, ecomonic and political negotiations, client/competition briefs and competition developments.

Teachers: Cristian Stefanescu (APP), Guillaume Eckly (APP), Andrea Spreafico (DAV)

Students: Linnea Axberg Algotsson, Auste Cijunelyte, Andrea Ellefsen, Frida Nytun Forshei, John Jinwoo Han, Bjørnar Skaar Haveland, Karla Lesley Kjellsdotter Jaeger, Ingrid Jordheim, Stein-Atle Juvik, Øyvind Kristiansen, Annabel Helene Baolin Angvik Lee, Jiajun Lu, Roman Perraudin, Douglas Peterson-Hui, Turid Skåden, Alvilde Fjell Sundal, Haoyang Wang

Course program: can be downloaded here. 

Course documentation: