Svein Hatløy er gått bort.

Det er med stor sorg BAS har motteke bodskapen om at skulen sin grunnleggjar Svein Hatløy er gått bort. Alle noverande og tidlegare studentar og lærarar er velkomne i gravferda. Den finn stad i Haus kyrkje på Osterøy tysdag 21. juli kl.11.00.

Open diploma examinations 27.-29. June 2015

This year`s diploma exam is coming up, and we have encouraged the diploma candidates to have an open examination. We believe that the learning outcome for prospective diploma students is very high, and it is also very positive for the candidates to present with an audience. Therefore we have the pleasure of inviting interested to attend some selected examinations. Read more to see the open program.

Frokostmøte 10.juni kl. 08-10: "Sosial bærekraftr"

Frokostmøte er eit samarbeid mellom Bergen kommune, Hordaland fylkeskommune og Fylkesmannens Landbruksavdeling, Husbanken, Høgskolen i Bergen og Bergen Arkitekthøgskole. Møta er gratis og opne for alle. Les meir.

braila laboratory - architectural approaches to a shrinking city: vernissage | may 29 | 17:00 - 19:00 | 7th floor

Using the city of Braila in Romania (a post-industrial, post-communist city with economic and population decline) as the field of operation, an international group of students and teachers has been exploring forms of operational capital that go beyond economy to develop architectural approaches. As such we have been working both in the studio in Bergen and on the field in the city to explore and ignite latent potentials derived from the particularities of the context - latent potentials such as the creative potential of users, the undervalued Communist era heritage, new forms of micro-urbanisms, an abundance of space and building stock formed as a result of economic and demographic contractions, etc. As part of our field work, we have sought ways to test and calibrate the architectural approaches through direct actions, such as built interventions, participatory processes, interviews or presentations - a dialectical process where performance forms a way of thinking and doing architecture and is a central part of the process of "how to" maximize the affect with limited means.