Haukaas Master course Exhibtion

The Haukaas master course will be on the study tour from the 6th to the 13th of april, so in the mean time they have organized a work_in_progress exhibition on the 5th floor. You are all welcome to have a look!

Open lecture Wednesday 8. April 1415-1500: "The age of man" by Inger Elisabeth Måren, Post doctor and Assistant Professor

Field of research: Her research concerns human influence on nature.She has a background in ecology, with her PhD work conducted in the cultural landscape of coastal heathlands (at the Heathland Center at Lygra). Now she works as a researcher at the Department of Geography at UiB, dealing with natural resource management, biodiversity and ecosystem services both in the global south (Himalaya, Africa), and in the global north (Scandinavia). Sustainable development, resource management and human influence on landscapes are key elements in this work. In the large auditorium. Welcome!

Open Lecture about the Viennese architect Walter Stelzhammer - by Matej Percic. Wednesday 15. April from 14-16

Matej Percic, architect from Slovenia, has worked in the office of Walter Stelzhammer. The works of Stelzhammer were not published much because his work was never trendy but rather pragmatic. In his life career he developed a very special typology of public housing. It is typology of duplex and triples apartments in many variants, which he called maisonettes. They are mostly mix between a row-house and ''typical'' apartment blocks, and there are many different variations. Welcome!

NLA fagdag i Bergen - BAS diplomprosjekt del av utstilling

I forbindelse med NLAs fagdag i Bergen stilles det ut visjonære og nytenkende landskapsprosjekter fra Bergensområdet. Utstillingen skal gjenspeile temaet by og landskap 2065. Det blir en fin blanding av ferdigbygde prosjekter, kontortegnete prosjekter og diplomoppgaver. Pia Grung og Mateusz Perich sitt diplomprosjekt "My name is Dokken" fra 2014 er ett av bidragene. Vernissasje torsdag 16.april kl. 20 i Robot-butikken.

Do you want to study at BAS?

Do you have a bachelor degree in architecture from another school? Then you may apply for admission to the 4th year at BAS. Application deadline is 15. April. Read more.