Oppen lecture Wednesday 10. May at 1800: "Active Energy Building" by Anton Falkeis

Applied trans-disciplinary research is foundation for Anton Falkeis’ architectural work and includes acoustical phenomena, building-integrated energy production and sustainable structures as well as ‘biological approaches’ to building, structural and urban design, and the social impact of technological innovations. In close cooperation with experts from various fields some of the research findings were developed further into innovative products such as the 3D sound system, the acoustically active 3D light fields, the high-performance concrete with an outstanding reproduction quality or the multi-component molding technique. Some of the technological inventions yielded a patent, like the movable building envelope, or were built as prototypes creating new knowledge in the field of production technique, like the 3D freeform textile building envelope and the complex 3D Voronoi load bearing structure.

Open lecture at BAS Wednesday 3. May at 1430 by Julie D'Aubioul - projects and work.

Julie D'Aubioul is a young Belgian architect. She established her own office in 2010 and has already a fine portfolio of smaller architectural projects and build work behind her. Her work(s) are characterized by a straightforward approach to establishing useful hybrid spaces through simple and thoughtful transformative architectural actions. Read more!

open lecture at BAS Wednesday 26. April from 1430-1600 by Maria Mestres and Magnus Wåge

Mestreswåge Architects, a young Spanish-Norwegian architect team (Maria Mestres, Magnus Wåge) established in 2005 and now based in Barcelona has already a fine portfolio of varied projects and build works behind them, with emphasis on transformative, hybrid spaces. This lecture will introduce some of their works and their archietcural appraoches but focus mainly on the "Kunstsilo" a recent project for a new art museum in Kristiansand. Read more!